SiteAnalyst is an easy-to-use, customizable and affordable web-based system that captures, analyzes and reports data from any digital field measuring or monitoring device. Offering remote site monitoring, automated alerts and the ability to match production and accounting information in near real-time, SiteAnalyst connects the right people with the right information  – weekly, daily, hourly or whenever critical decisions need to be made.

Key Features

  • Fast set-up with minimal IT involvement
  • Compatible with any digital field monitoring device or hardware configuration
  • Does not require software to be loaded onto your computer
  • Easy to use, intuitive report layout
  • Priced per monitoring site, not per user

For a more indepth introduction to SiteAnalyst – including advantages, questions about integration with SCADA, communication protocols and to view select screen shots, please click here.

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Please email petroleum@maxxam.ca to set-up a demonstration and to discuss whether SiteAnalyst is right for your business.

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